Why I Oppose AB 303 and Support the Common Core State Standards ~ Jeff Hinton


Jeff Hinton M.A., M.Ed
NBPTS 2014 Michael Landsberry Nevada Teacher of the Year
Nevada Teacher Champion Jeff Hinton recently wrote a blog post encouraging the Nevada State Legislature to keep the Common Core State Standards. See below for an excerpt: Earlier this year, in his state of the state address, Governor Sandoval outlined an ambitious plan to move Nevada forward, he spoke optimistically of a “New Nevada” a Nevada that would diversify and modernize its economy by attracting high tech businesses to the Silver State, businesses such as the Tesla Gigafactory. This is exactly what we need to do to make Nevada a better place to live for our families and students, however recently the Brookings Institute published a report indicating that despite the fact that Nevada is quickly growing jobs in the STEM fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math we are unfortunately not producing enough workers with the necessary skills to fill those jobs. In a recent article Tom Skancke of the Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance pointed out “This last year, of the 251 opportunities of new businesses to locate here, 35 percent of those businesses chose not to come here because of workforce availability and education,”